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Chelteham Hospital - Cancer Institute

I've not posted in quite a while and thought I share one of my favourite CGI's of 2022.

I love how diverse interiors can be and get excited when I get free reign on what they'll look like.

Health care projects are my favourite type, they present great opportunities to turn the normal everyday health care on its head. An interior should be embraced by its occupants whether they're just passing through or plan to stay a while. Everywhere should become a destination.

I specialise in coming up with concept designs for interior, exterior and landscape projects. I love the collaboration aspect. Bouncing ideas off colleagues and the unknown round-about 'this is kind of what I'd like' finally becoming something tangible that the client is really impressed by. This was one of those projects...

EXI design kindly provided 2D CAD plans and elevations with an outline guidance on material finishes the rest was down to JWD.

The beauty of having an Interior Designer do your CGI is that I can turn these concepts into full working drawings should your project progress ;)

For any Architecture or Interior based firms out there looking for a reliable CGI service, that can turn projects around in record time if and when required, then please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your project.

Jenny Whittingham Design

E: T: 07487 576815

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