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Branding Packages Explained

If you were to associate your favourite brand with something…what would you think of first? A logo, colours or maybe a font used? These are known as branding elements and included as part of a branding kit.

After a consultation with a designer, they will recommend to you how to use visual branding for your company and also list the items suitable for branding purposes. Brand package options are pretty unlimited and some elements are used more than others, so make sure you consider them for your marketing strategy.

Before hiring a designer it’s better to conduct your own analysis to define what visual branding you’d like. Take a look at some of the key branding elements below to help you better realise your own needs…

What is a Branding Package?

A collection of digital, printed or physical resources used to create a uniform image of a company identity. It consists of separate branded items united with the same style and ideas. With all good design, consistency is key.

The most common reasons for businesses wanting to secure a professional branding package is to either rebrand their existing image, start a marketing campaign or when a new business starts up and they are just entering the market.

A branding package isn’t always a rigid set of services you need to buy but it does pave the way for marketing changes and provides a company with an effective promotion strategy.

Top services within in a Branding Package

Logo Design

Logo and brand design are tightly connected with each other as a logo is a vital part of a brand identity. It’s the perfect way to identify yourself against your competitors and lays excellent foundations for marketing success. As such a key element in your business it’s important to invest in a good designer to ensure its quality and design.

There are also a variety of different logo types to choose from, which will be covered in another blog post. You will need to select the most appropriate type for your business. Regardless of whether you require a complete package or not, a logo is a definite must. If you have created your own logo a designer can vectorise the logo meaning that it can be scaled up or down without losing image quality. The logo should be created before the business is launched, whether the business is large or small.

Colour Palette

If you are just launching or looking to rebrand it’s a good idea to add to your branding kit. Colour has a significant influence on your brand image and perception. How do you want your clients/customers to feel about your business? It’s not about selecting your own personal favourite colours in fact it’s all about colour psychology, as well as the intended use of the graphic, printed items use CMYK and digital use RGB format so make sure you entrust it to the professionals.

Email Templates

Now, more than ever business operations take place online, it’s almost impossible to keep lead position without it as a marketing channel.

This is especially true for e-commerce. A branding kit would be incomplete without a branded email template. They turn newsletters into a more powerful promotional tool and encourage recipients to take action.


Websites aren’t the first thing associated with business branding packages. However if you’re lucky you’ll find a designer who can assist you with both branding strategy and website design. A stylish, convenient and informative website is something that a company just can’t live without


This element often gets ignored as font selection can be seen as ‘easy’ and doesn’t require careful reasoning. Small businesses can live without a font selection, especially if they don’t use a lot of titles or text content. Design professionals know the power of typography and its impact on the overall perception of branding.


Any business sending mail marketing or digital marketing, make sure you get a customised letterhead. It will make your brand more memorable and increase response rates. This usually includes name and address of the company in its brand colours. It’s important to stick to brand style and use the appropriate proportions of space.

Business Cards

Easy to design and cheap to print. Its best to order business cards as part of you branded items, everyone should be able to share their contact information easily. They play an important part of your visual brand identity.


Not included as a standard branding package, as they aren’t always required but any printed materials can be discussed with your designer. Most brochures contain logo, slogan, services, advantages and contact info of your business. It covers the informational needs of an average target audience. A designer can help you create a brochure that both catches the attention of the reader and presents your brand in the most appealing way. This is perfect for medium/small businesses that operate locally. Digital brochures for download can also be produced to save on the expensive printing costs.

Style Guides

Most suited to large companies. A comprehensive rule book with specifications related to your brand. This will include your mission, vision, core values, company voice, logo, typography and principles. Style guides are really handy toolkits for marketers, web developers, graphics designers, and sales team…basically anyone who needs to present a unified vision of your brand to your target audience.


A branding strategy can be as big or as small as you require, as a business it’s important to know what your business may require and a designer can certainly help clarify things with you and you can select the most appropriate solution for your business.

Jenny Whittingham Design covers all these branding elements as is well known for its friendly no obligation approach so feel free to get in touch with us today on 07487 576815 or via email at so we can help elevate your business to the next level


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